We use two types of lasers to create a quality product with strict tolerances. Our high-speed flying optic laser cutters produce accurate cuts in material up to 1¼″ thick. And with an extremely large bed size (120″ x 480″), we can work on larger parts with less waste. These lasers increase our accuracy and efficiency, which means you get the exact products you need.

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Laser Specifications
Material Cutting
  • 24 gauge up to 1¼″ thick
  • Sheet and plate steel up to 120″ x 480″
Material Handling
  • 24 gauge up to ¾″ thick
  • Capable of cutting 60″ x 120″ sheets
  • Ultra-high speed for intricate cutting
  • An automated loading system that includes 10 shelves of material storage and a dual unloading table for increased efficiency