Temper Mill

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If you’re looking for extremely flat, cut-to-length steel, you’ve come to the right place. Norfolk Iron & Metal’s temper mill is instrumental in producing what you need to succeed.

There are a handful of different temper mills on the market today, but none are as advanced as the temper mill cut-to-length coil line at Norfolk Iron & Metal. This temper mill can apply up to eight million pounds of force to remove any residual stress from your steel, and it’s guaranteed to meet ½ ASTM A6 flatness tolerances in the thinnest gauges. The precision flatness and surface quality generated from leveling and brushing makes the mill ideal for part-forming applications; it also improves the cutting speed of your lasers. This allows you to process exactly how you want.

Temper Mill Specifications
Coil Width 36–96″
Thickness .060–.787″
Length 48–720″

Norfolk Iron & Metal Temper Mill Tour: